Fumari Mini M60 Hookah

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Introducing the M60 Mini Hookah – small in size, big on impact. This compact version of the M120 Hookah (v2) is meticulously engineered to make a substantial impression. Standing at 15 inches tall (in contrast to the 24-inch M120), the M60 Mini Hookah is perfectly sized for tabletop use and travel adventures. Its sturdy Stainless-Steel construction, wide base, and low center of gravity ensure stability, making it resistant to tipping over.

Experience an impressive, unobstructed draw for a seamless inhale, thanks to its design. The M60 boasts a 5-bearing purge valve system that effortlessly clears smoke. This package includes a diffuser, a 69-inch soft silicone hose resistant to kinking, and a glass base, making it a comprehensive and versatile hookah choice.