New Arrival: Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco

New Arrival: Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco

Posted by Jerry on 14th Jun 2022

Social Smoke is an American Hookah brand that is focused on creating unique and innovative flavors for you to enjoy. We have started carrying a few of their most popular flavors on our site for you to try out if you have not already! We have Baja Blue, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Chill and Pistachio Breeze. Here are the flavor profiles for each:

Baja Blue: A mix of blueberry, raspberry and grape with a hint of milk chocolate.

Blue Raspberry: A combination of sweet and tart raspberries with a hint of blueberry.

Lemon Chill: Sweet and tangy lemon with a cool mint finish.

Pistachio Breeze: A blend of buttery pistachios and savory saffron with a touch of vanilla.

We will be adding more flavors in the future and different sizes based on how popular these are with you all.